About us

STVY is a virtual community. We have no premises of our own, but we operate from our members’ workstations. As membership benefits, we organise webinars and local events, including a larger seminar every two years. Our association has an active Facebook group where we share news and information about the industry as well as job opportunities.

We work closely with the technical communication educators at the universities of Tampere, Jyväskylä, and Oulu, and educational institutions abroad. In addition, we work with other technical communication societies, technical communication companies, and companies that hire the professionals in the industry.

Our society is for everyone who practises technical communication: writers, translators, illustrators, coordinators, editors, managers, teachers, students, and other professionals.

Board 2023

Tiia Suomivuori

During the day: Technical communication manager, Kempower
Location: Lahti

Jenni Virtaluoto

Vice chair
During the day: Senior lecturer in technical communication, University of Jyväskylä
Location: Oulu & Jyväskylä

Pia Karasjärvi

During the day: Doctoral researcher, University of Vaasa
Location: Vantaa

Hanna Heinonen

Board member
During the day: Digital Content Lead, KONE
Location: Hyvinkää

Titta Majala

Board member
During the day: Documentation manager, Vaisala
Location: Helsinki