UK Technical Communication Awards

Do you have work worthy of recognition?

The deadline for entering these awards is 30 June. You can find full details here:
These awards are open to all, so if you don't have a suitable piece of work do encourage friends, colleagues and other professional contacts to enter their work.
UK Technical Communication Awards 2009 – your opportunity for reward and recognition
By Linda Robins, FISTC
What are the awards?
We recently widened the scope of the annual award (from the ISTC Documentation Awards) to encompass the choice of media and systems now in use. This competition is now of interest to all who are involved in technical communication.
 Here are the categories we cover:
1. Descriptive Entries must tell someone about something. Examples include datasheets, overviews, specifications, catalogues, syllabi and informative websites

2. Instructional Entries must tell someone how to do something. Examples include user guides, online Help, assembly leaflets, business procedures and training materials

3. Promotional Entries must persuade someone to do something. Examples include brochures, presentations, marketing literature, exhibition displays and promotional websites

4. Graphic Entries must use pictures more than words to convey their  information. Examples include word-free assembly instructions, llustrated 
wallcharts and presentations

5. Tabular Entries must use tables more than words to convey, or solicit,  their information. Examples include forms, spreadsheets, catalogues and dataheavy reports

Why should I enter?

Individuals: The prestige of the prospect of such an award from a professional body should be irresistible! Past winners have attained recognition, advancement and further work from the evidence of the award itself.

Managers: Please encourage your staff to enter. The firm will be  associated with the success of an individual.

What do I do?
Just choose the category and the medium that suit your entry and follow the guidance on the ISTC website:
You will find the Entry Form now and Entry Details Form there. A full  description of the award rules is also provided.
Not forgetting
Prospective Sponsors: Your company will gain prominence from the event and the presentation at Conference. Please contact the ISTC Office if you’d like to sponsor a category.
And finally
Closing date for entries is 30 June. Awards are presented at the ISTC Conference [now Technical Communication UK --]  in September.