TCeurope (Technical Communication in Europe) is a European society formed to support independent national technical communication societies. TCeurope aims to improve awareness of technical communication and to function as a collaboration platform for the national societies.

FTCS was one of the founding members of TCeurope. TCeurope is registered in Brussels and the office of the society is also located there. TCeurope is funded by membership fees paid by the member organisations. The main benefits of TCeurope membership are the exchange of information and the possibility to have a say. FTCS has participated in several international projects together with other national societies. Any FTCS member can get involved in the international projects and we'll post information on the projects to this site and our social media channels.

Activities and goals

The most visible activities of TCeurope are the society's webpage and their annual seminar, the Colloquium, which provides a networking opportunity for technical communication specialists from different countries.

FTCS and TCeurope

FTCS has been part of TCeurope since the beginning and has had strong roles in the society. Our first delegate was Tarja Tolvanen who continued in that role until 2008. Tarja was also the treasurer of TCeurope. From 2008-2012, our delegate was Terhi Sipilä, who was a board member, the secretary of the board, and finally from April 2010 to 2013, the chair of TCeurope. From January 2013 to 2015, FTCS was represented by Eeva Viljanen, who was also the secretary of the board. The current delegate is Tiina Lähteenmäki.

FTCS members have been involved in various TCeurope projects and working groups. For example, Suvi Isohella was a member of the Infopool working group during 2008-2009. FTCS is also active in the TCeurope Honours Award.

For more information

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