Finnish Technical Communications Society

The Finnish Technical Communications Society aims to promote the profession and the field of technical communication, enhance professional, national and international co-operation and provide training for both the members and non-members of the society.

Anyone who works in technical communication - writers, designers, translators, coordinators, illustrators, editors, managers, teachers, students and various others working in the area - can join the Society.

Benefits of Membership

Membership in the society costs only 25€/year for regular members and 10€ for students, unemployed, and maternity leavers. Benefits include:

  • Reduced admission at the annual Fall Seminar (which is mostly in the fall though once or twice has been in the spring. The next seminar will be held in 2017. The seminar brings together dozens of technical communicators in Finland and speakers and experts from abroad.
  • A good place for making contacts and building networks, an important thing both personally and professionally.
  • A channel for broader participation in Europe-wide professional technical communications activities through our membership in TCeurope
  • Access to the members-only part of the Society web site, which contains things like job ads and presentations from past seminars
  • Entrance to several Society events throughout the year (smaller local events, summer parties, etc.)
  • A place to learn about new methods, tools, and trends in the field and how they are being used here in Finland

The 2016 Board

The Society board is elected annually. The following people are members of the 2017 board:

  • Chairperson: Eeva Viljanen
  • Vice-chair: Tiina Lähteenmäki
  • Treasurer: Suvi Isohella
  • Webmaster and social media: Laura Katajisto
  • Members: Jenni Virtaluoto, Nick Hill, and Tommi Hautalahti